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China Exchange and Teaching Programme

The opportunity to teach English, other languages and subjects is within your reach.
Join the programme and discover the historic Chinese culture, travel and visit places, learn more about teaching abroad.

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What is CET Programme? 

CET programme is an educational and cultural enrichment programme organised in partnership with universities in the United Kingdom. The goal is to enhance foreign language and subject teaching in schools whilst enriching the participant’s cultural experience and knowledge about both countries.

The programme is run in cooperation with universities in the United Kingdom and more than 150 participant organisations and schools in China.

An internship programme is also included for graduates who would like to experience China’s rich history and culture.

CET Programme is an initiative to contribute to the growing demand of enhanced education in China at the local level.

The programme also supports the projects of the education bureau to further develop teaching as an integral part of cultural exchange and global understanding. Graduates from the UK are able to participate in the programme in different positions depending on experience and qualifications

China has recently become a leading player on the world stage but it knows it must invest in the education of its population to foster its continued development in the future.  A major component of their educational plans is the widespread use of English.  Therefore teaching in China is very different from many other places in the world but it is a deeply rewarding experience.  Here you will find some of the most dynamic students in the world in an education system that is truly preparing for the future.

CET Programme will develop, support and enhance your skills as a teacher. It will provide you the techniques that work in China so you can give successful lessons to students who are eager to learn.



We are your first step towards teaching in China!

Teach oral or spoken English and other languages such as German, Spanish and Russian.

Teach subjects like Maths, P.E./Sports, Football, Science, Fine Arts, Music, Drama, Dance, Hospitality Management, and Culinary Arts.  


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