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Training and Evaluation Support

1. Orientation

An orientation session will be provided by the programme staff. This will provide you with more information about the programme, the visa process and life in China.



 2. Three – day Standard Teacher Training

This 3-day course will provide you with in-depth information on different topics to help you to adapt to teaching in China. The course will also introduce you to the programme’s brand of education and recommended teaching methodologies that effectively work in China.  

 training 2 


3. China TEFL (For applicants without any teaching certificate)

A full 7-day certificate course is available for those who do not have any teaching qualification.
This certificate course will allow you to teach English in China

 tefl5  tefl6

4. On-going Training and Evaluation Support

To maintain quality and help participants enhance their teaching skills, we offer on-going training, conduct lesson evaluations, provide feedback and special training specific to individual needs. We have a team of tenured teachers and staff trained to evaluate and provide feedback to participants to develop and enhance teaching skills and professionalism.

We have a team of trained and certified evaluators who will help you improve your teaching skills, lesson plans and provide feedback.


TEFL in China

We are authorised by the Government of China to conduct training and provide TEFL in China certification.