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Participant Positions

Almost 70% percent of the available positions will be as Foreign Teachers of English and the rest will be Foreign Subject Teachers (Science, Art, Music, Drama, Dance, P.E./Sports, Hospitality Management, and Culinary Arts) and as required, Language Teachers for German, Spanish, and Russian.


What positions are available in the programme? 

Participant positions:

1.   Foreign English Teacher                   

2.   Foreign Subject Teacher                  

3.   Foreign Language Teacher              

4.   Teacher Intern                                     



Interns will serve as stand-in teachers and when required assisting teachers at various levels and in different subjects. They will gain all-around experience liaising with the Training and Organisational Development Department in the preparation and implementation of lessons, including instructional materials design and documentation. 

Below are the general responsibilities of programme participants. More specific duties will be explained according to individual contracts.



  • Actively participate in all activities of CET programme

  • Plan, prepare and facilitate lessons

  • Create, develop and maintain appropriate teaching plans, exams and materials

  • Assess students’ progress, provide feedback and keep records

  • Maximum teaching hours: 20 per week

  • Participate in school and programme meetings and activities

  • Flexible to teach different levels

  • Manage a class of more than thirty students

  • Attend and participate in training programs required by the programme and school

  • Submit lesson plans to the school and programme manager during each semester



  • Professional resume with cover letter

  • Bachelor’s degree or higher*

  • Passport (validity must be at least 12 months)

  • TESOL, TEFL, CELTA and other relevant teaching certificates (120 hours and above)

  • Disclosure Certificate*

  • At least 2 years teaching experience (does not apply for internship)

  • Reference or recommendation letter (should state teaching experience if applicable)

  • Fully completed application form

  • 2x2 inch photo

* Must be notarised by the Chinese embassy or consulate.