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CET Programme and School Activities

A combination of programme and school activities is essential for the cultural enrichment of the participants; they are major contributing factors in the programme. CET Programme includes the following activities besides the ones organised by the school.



Open Classes

 The teacher facilitates a lesson on a topic to teach learners about their culture and country or a specific talent/ interest the teacher has. (e.g. food, traditional clothing, music, art, language, applicable holidays) 

Local Tours

Tour of a museum, local park, the countryside and other historical and significant places in the area.

Chinese Language Lessons

Our programme staff will organise Mandarin lessons for those who are interested to learn the language.

Annual Teachers Awards

This event is held at the end of each school year to acknowledge and reward teachers who have given exemplary teaching performance during the year.  There are special awards to best new teachers and loyalty awards.

Employee Engagement and Corporate Social Responsibility Programmes

Participants can join in-house activities and community outreach programs.

Individual or Group Cultural Project

The participant(s) will create and lead their own cultural project using the expertise gained from the programme and from their own experience. This shall be done before the end of each semester. The project should count towards the assessment made by the participant’s university and the programme.





Museum tour

Foreign teachers in a tour of a local museum and exhibit in Baoan, Shenzhen.

annual awards  

The best new teachers of the year during the annual teachers awards in Hangzhou.


Our foreign teachers given recognition in one of our partners schools.


Having fun with students and teachers, our foreign teachers participated in one of the school's activities.